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Chassis : 39088.
Numbers : Matching.
Engine : 3.5 litre straight six ohv.
Gearbox : Four speed manual.
Brakes : Square mechanical operated drums.
Steering : All cars of this type are right hand drive.
Optional extras : Fog lights.
Produced : 1 car only.
Survivors : 1 car.

Briefly : Here an example of our unique stock, this is the most stunning Jaguar design until today and unique piece of history / she was restored by David Barber who was a first class Jaguar ss restorer in his days, more recent work includes a zme engine overhaul and general service work / a car destinated only for worlds top collections.

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1934 SS1 TOURER to fast road specification in gunn metal with red upholstery - partly restored.

1935 SS90 OTS works delivered competiton car in BRG with suede green upholstery -  restored.

1936 SS1 COUPE very last car of the line in Black with green upholstery - restored.

1937 SS100 2.5 OTS a fast road specification with stunning performance in light metalic blue with navy upholstery - restored.

1937 SS 2.5 DHC bodied by Tuscher of Swiss in burgundy with red upholstery - restored.

1948 XK120 OTS RHD # 001 works raced competition car in blue.

1950 XK120 OTS LHD 3800 miles from new in green with suede green upholstery - 100% untouched.

1950 XK120 OTS LHD to fast road specification in silver metalic with red upholstery - restored.

1952 XK120 FHC LHD in green metalic with tan upholstery - restored.

1952 XKC works delivered road car in BRG with suede green upholstery - unrestored.

1953 XK120 OTS RHD to fast road specification in silver metalic with red upholstery - restored.

1953 XKC works delivered competition car in blue with blue upholstery - restored.

1957 XKSS works delivered road car in green with brown upholstery - partly restored.

1958 MK1 3.4 MAN RHD low miles pristine in black with red upholstery - unrestored.

1958 XK150 3.4S DHC LHD to fast road specification in navy blue with red upholstery - restored.

1960 XK150 3.8S OTS LHD pristine condition in blue with blue upholstery - partly restored.

1960 MK2 3.8 MAN LHD low miles pristine in cotswold blue with red upholstery - unrestored.

1961 MK2 3.8 MAN RHD to full race specification in OEW.

1962 XKE 3.8 FHC LHD 3200 km from new in black with red upholstery - 100% untouched.

1963 XKE 3.8 OTS SLW RHD to full road race specification in green metalic with suede green upholstery.

1966 XKE 4.2 S1 2+2 COUPE LHD chassis # 13 in golden sand with black upholstery - unrestored.

1967 XKE 4.2 S1 FHC RHD pristine condition in carmen red with black upholstery - partly restored.

1994 XJ220 LHD 950 km from new virginal condition in silverstone green with tan upholstery - 100% untouched.


1962 (Jaguar) XKSS RHD constructed by Lynx 900 miles in black with red upholstery.

1963 (Jaguar) LWE 3.8 FHC LHD constructed by ZME in BRG with suede green upholstery.


2004 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL R LHD 5000 km from new in silver grey with navy upholstery - 100% untouched.

2006 ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE MAN LHD chassis # 001 & low miles in dark metalic blue with navy upholstery - 100% untouched.

Always much more rare to unique cars in stock.
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