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XKSS body shell ready for further assembly
ZME Background  
After the war Mr Cornelis Zwakman has set up a bmc & jaguar garage and became soon well known for knowledge & service and a crowded place with jaguars and other british and italian sports cars.
His sons Pieter & Cor & Tom did grew up in the middle of it and played with cars right from the start but Tom the youngest son estimated at an early age that no bridge was to far or challance to big and greatly enjoyed to assist his father in the workshop with the work and new fresh ideas.
In 1974 Tom decided to start his own jaguar garage to maintain and restore the older types but he was a realist from sense against a perfectionist from the heart so he wanted to be more specialized and because of that he started in 1984 ZME (Zwakman Motors Europe) and became already soon the leading works in overhaul & preservation of classic jaguar sports cars.
Today the ZME classic jaguar works is europes finest independent service for the entire drive train overhaul of jaguar models built between 1931 and 1971 and has over 30.000 square feet workfloors for overhaul > restoration > fabrication > parts storage > car storage > and has a small team skilled technicians and a eminent technical archive and a prominent parts stock.
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Tom's father at the Zwakman Garage in 1959
ZME Classic jaguar works

Overhaul & restoration of engines > gearboxes > diffs > axles > steering boxes.
We have the expertise and equipment to carry-out all running gear restorations.

Fabrication of unobtainable parts often re-designed to obtain best performance.

We use modern materials to avoid problems of the out-dated original materials.

All productive work charged at a fixed hourly rate of € 150,- plus 21% btw / vat.

All zme jobs come with one year full guarantee on all delivered parts and work.
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Worlds fastest jaguar ss road car (130 mph)
ZME Special developments 

For over three decades we built superfast E-type road cars.

Also production of 100% accurate C-type & D-type copies.

The picture shows our LWE V12 OTS SWB with 600 BHP.

Also we deliver LWE 3.8 FHC & OTS cars up to 360 BHP.

All cars built to an supreme & exclusive high quality level.

For more details you can make an appointment to visit us.
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Our special developments