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ZME historic Jaguar works
Zwakman Motors Europe is a renowed enterprise in private ownership of Tom Zwakman.
Tom is active in fast road cars since 1974 and ZME is his definite creation and operational since 1984 and has build up a reputation as the very best in it's field. 
ZME has separated workfloors for machining / overhaul / assembly plus a small team of skilled man plus a superior technical archief plus a large parts stock and specialized in all 1930 SS models and 1950 XKC & XKD cars plus the 1960 XKE cars.
ZME provides parts & service but not parts only other than parts offered on
ZME also buys & sells occasionally unique Jaguar sports cars of invaluable.
ZME average hourly rate € 125,00 plus 21% dutch vat.
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ZME projects

ZME has fabricated fast road Jaguars from early days and also completed several exact recreations of the XKC / XKD / XKSS / LWE cars to 1:1 accurate original Jaguar specification.

ZME also developed a LWE V12 OTS SWB car based at a standard Jaguar E-type S3 OTS car but fabricated of full alluminium inner and outer panels with the body and wheel base shortened by four inches and fitted with a 6.0 litre Jaguar sport engine altered by us to a maximum output of nearly 600 BHP by a huge torque starting from 1000 to 7500 RPM and with a top speed in excess of 210 MPH, a beauty with breathtaking performance at country roads as highways and easy to drive through the city as the engine would not complain at low revs either.
These cars will be fitted with standard european version XKE S3 cockpit equipment but with uprated bucket seats and toggle switches and come with softtop and hardtop.
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ZME Jaguar technique

Manufacturing of new mechanical parts for Jaguar-SS of ultimate quality.

Brake conversions from mechanical to semi hydraulic for todays road use.

Overhaul of : engines / gearboxes / differentials / axles / steering boxes.

Preperation & Tuning of historical Jaguar road & track competition cars.

Restoration of Jaguar SS cars and 50's & 60's Jaguar competition cars.
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Cooperating companies

ZME takes care of the complete mechanical engineering.
All other work is done at the following companies which we recommend as the best.

Upper Classics NZ / Restoration works.
RS Panels UK / Sheet metal & paint works.
Historic Metal Works UK / Sheet metal works.
Leaping Cats UK / Sheet metal works.
Suffolk & Turley UK / Upholstery works.
Ross Packard Paintwork UK / Paint works.
Le Riche Automobile Restorers CI / Restoration works.
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The Dutch Jaguar museum

The museum was formed by Tom and an early customer of him who are both Jaguar lovers with a dream and together they have build worlds most unique and complete Jaguar collection.
The collection includes every type pre war Jaguar right from the early Swallow bodied cars to the SS100 3.5L cars and also a magnificant selection post war Jaguars and counts an astonishingly number oldest in existance and chassis number one and one-off cars.

More pictures will follow over the winter time.
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